We are starting the sale of scratch cards with the motif of a hitherto unpublished triptych by Alfons Mucha – Three Ages in our e-shop. Follow our issue plan and don’t miss the chance to visit the breathtaking residence of Alfons Mucha with a personal interpretation by John Mucha.

“We are full of the desire to obey her words and full of gratitude for her every voice. How the world would flourish like the meadows of May, if Wisdom ascended and fell over it!
Mucha, About Love, Reason and Wisdom

From October 20, 2021, we start selling these postcards on our e-shop. By purchasing these postcards, the owner will get a unique collector’s specimen with the opportunity to win an interesting prize, but above all he contributes to the reconstruction of the Alfons Mucha Museum in his native Ivančice.

The main motif of the postcards is a hitherto unpublished Tři věky triptych by A. Mucha – The Age of Love, The Age of Reason and The Age of Wisdom. This unfinished project was to serve as the author’s message to mankind, but it has thus far not been published for the public. Alfons Mucha considered love, reason and wisdom the building blocks of life. According to his comments, he regarded love and reason as two extremes that can only be combined by means of wisdom. The individual front sides of the postcards represent the mentioned themes. The reverse side depicts the first ten-haler Czechoslovak postage stamp, again created by A. Mucha, with a date stamp of its first issue and a scratch field with the possibility of a number of interesting prizes. The three postcards are inserted in a high-quality 200 g/m² offset paper folder.

Everyone who buys the trilogy will automatically receive a ticket to the newly planned Alfons Mucha Museum. Winners can claim the ticket and other prizes on the Charitativní losy fundartovka.cz/mucha website.

Follow our Issue Plan, where we will keep you informed about future sales of commemorative banknotes from the entire student design series. Create a unique and comprehensive collection for yourself or your business partners.

“Tři věky” triptych by Alfons Mucha

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