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Antonín Panenka Commemorative Banknote

On the occasion of Antonín Panenka’s 75th birthday, and also of the 30th anniversary of the Football Internationals Foundation, on 2 December 2023 a unique Commemorative banknote with a portrait of this football legend was issued. The print run for sale on the STC e-shop is only 50 units.

More about the project:
The author of the commemorative banknote is Stanislav Trokšiar, who specializes in security printed items graphics. The printing of the commemorative certificate was carried out in two printing houses, the Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p., which prepared the complete offset printing, and the Impéria Printing House, under the strictest quality requirements of the security printed items printing. The production process was similar to the printing of real banknotes. The print run of the commemorative certificate is 1,976 numbered pieces and 199 pieces of annulates, which makes it very interesting for collectors. The annulate further contains a certificate with A. Panenka’s handwritten signature – the author of the certificate is Slovak artist Matej Gábriš.

The gift wrapper of the commemorative banknote is made of high-quality 240 g/m2 graphic paper.

194×84 mm
Author of the artistic design: Stanislav Trokšiar
Matej Gábriš
The print run: 1,976 numbered pieces and 199 pieces of annulates
Series offered on the STC e-shop: AP 000751 – 000800
Paper: security paper, with watermark of linden leaves, 100 g/m² and with protective double fibres
Printing technique: offset, engraved printing, intaglio printing, letterpress printing, hot stamping;
Protective elements: security paper with watermark and protective fibres, guilloché, security raster, microscript, iris transition, UV-visible colours, numbering by letterpress technique, gravure printing.
Print: Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p., Impéria Printing House

You can purchase the commemorative banknote both on our STC e-shop and on the website, where you can find additional information about the commemorative certificate.

Antonín Panenka has decided to donate CZK 75.00 from each sold commemorative banknote to the Football Internationals Foundation, which celebrates 30 years of existence this year and the commemorative certificate also commemorates this anniversary.

Estimated date of sales launch is 15th February 2024. 

More about Antonín Panenka:
One of the greatest personalities of Czechoslovak football, an extraordinary talent, well-known at home and around the world, an exceptional personality, all this describes Antonín Panenka. The company Personalities of the Century, in cooperation with the brand Legendary Cards, has issued the second commemorative banknote from the planned series of significant personalities, which is dedicated to our legendary football player, midfielder Antonín Panenka. This Commemorative banknote should be a reminder not only of this legendary footballer, but also of the greatest achievement of Czechoslovak football, which is the victory at the European Championship in 1976. At the tournament in Belgrade, our footballers won historic gold.

The commemorative banknote is entitled All you had to do was to fluff it up with love”, which beautifully describes the most famous moment of Antonín Panenka’s career. There is probably no one who doesn’t know his famous kick from the European Championship final, when he sent the ball into the middle of the goal with the appropriate ease and elegance in the penalty shootout, thus overcoming the helpless German goalkeeper and deciding the match. This wonderful goal became known as the “Vršovice long kick” or internationally as the Panenka kick”.

However, we cannot forget the other achievements of A. Panenka on the international scene, whether it is bronze at the 1980 European Championship, participation in the 1982 World Championship, or the Cup Winners’ Cup final for Rapid Vienna. He left an indelible mark on the domestic scene at Bohemians Prague, where he is still remembered as the legendary “Páňa”. The international fame of this footballer is underlined by the Spanish sports magazine named after him – fittingly, PANENKA.

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