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Get a gift for your purchase on our e-shop

Dear Customers, We appreciate your interest in our products offered on the STC e-Shop. We would like to reward you, and therefore from 4 January 2022 you have the opportunity to receive for your purchase on the STC e-shop worth CZK 3,000 or more, a gift in the form of a test print of a line intaglio print with a portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven in one of three color variants (red or brown or green).

These test prints were created as part of a test print after the overhaul of our INTAGLIO COLOR 8 presses by the Swiss company KBA-NotaSys. We use these presses in the production of e.g. banknotes, alcohol strips or tobacco stickers. For printing, we used a paper with a continuous positive-negative watermark “Y” of 90 g/m2. In addition to the intaglio printing of the portrait of L. van Beethoven, offset printing was used.

You have the possibility to get the following series:

Red series A 000 001-000 200
Brown series B 000 001-000 200
Green series C 000 001-000 200

For technical reasons, it is not possible to book a test print in advance or to order a specific series with a specific number and colour.

Get a gift for your purchase on our e-shop. More informations