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In our offer you will find a memory card by Antonín Švehla

Dear customers, are you interested in the commemorative notes issued by České dukáty? Do you already have your commemorative note with a portrait of Václav Havel? If so, in that case you cannot miss the second, following commemorative mote in the form of a banknote with a portrait of Antonín Švehla.

Another print in the commemorative banknote series issued by the Czech Ducats company as part of its comprehensive 2021-2030 issuance plan will commemorate the exceptional personality of politician Antonín Švehla (1873-1933). Švehla was Interior Minister for three successive terms after the proclamation of the Republic and then Prime Minister three times. He served the Republic from its inception until his untimely death in 1933. The year 2022 marks the centenary of the first government he headed.

The portrait of Antonín Švehla on the front of the commemorative print is the work of academic painter Eva Hašková, the engraving is by Martin Srb.

On the reverse side is a scene depicting President Masaryk and Antonín Švehla in a carriage. The background features the national emblem of Czechoslovakia and a quote attributed to the Prime Minister: “Politics is beautiful. But Czechoslovak politics is the most beautiful of all. Because it’s so difficult.”

The printing partner is the State Printing Works of Securities, which has issued the commemorative banknote with security features including the folding four-leaf clover motif, price underprint raster, microtexts, iris gradients, steel-printed portrait of Antonín Švehla, a hidden steel-printed pattern with the initials AS, motifs only visible under UV lighting (colour with fluorescence) and pyramidal numbering with green-yellow fluorescence under UV lighting.

The commemorative banknote gift box is comprised of high-quality 240 g/m2 printing paper.

The commemorative banknote will be issued in a limited quantity of five numbered print series with 500 pieces each in series A, B, C, D, E, and series S, which is intended for a set of 300 pieces, together with a gold, silver and copper medal with a portrait of Antonín Švehla by sculptor Josef Šejnost and medalist MgA. Josef Oplištil.

The State Printing Works of Securities e-shop will offer a total of 105 notes with serial numbers in the following series:

A01 000480 – A01 000500
B01 000480 – B01 000500
C01 000480 – C01 000500
D01 000480 – D01 000500
E01 000480 – E01 000500

Art design author: Eva Hašková
Line drawings and hand steel engravings: Martin Srb
Technical work: František Dvořák
Graphic security design: Michal Šindelář
Printed by: STATE PRINTING WORKS OF SECURITIES (state-owned company)
Issued by: České dukáty s.r.o.

The S series is exclusively issued in a set with a medal (gold, silver, bronze) by sculptor Josef Šejnost and medalist MgA. Josef Oplištil. A total of 300 medals with a diameter of 65 mm have been produced. The medal and banknote set have the same serial number. If you are interested in the medal series, see the website.

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