Unique collector value

Our security prints are published in limited editions and are only available in our e-shop. We only sell originals.

High artistic and aesthetic value

We make use of motifs of top artists of the present day, but also of the past. They include M. Švabinský, A. Mucha, O. Kulhánek, E. Hašková and others.

For your own enjoyment or as an original gift

Are you a collector, a numismatist or just looking for a unique gift for your loved ones or business partners? We are going to continue to expand our offer.


Keep your prints in the original covers

Put your security prints in the original covers with the STC logo made of high-quality graphic paper and gravure printing.

Offer of our products

We prepared for you:

A 500,000 Franc Commemorative banknote from the Funny Money collection by Oldřich Kulhánek.

Selected for you

Engravings with “Prague Motifs”

880  inc. VAT (727.27  exc. VAT)

Engraving with “National Theatre” motif

189.99  inc. VAT (157.02  exc. VAT)

“Buffalo” Commemorative Banknote

200  inc. VAT (165.29  exc. VAT)

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