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Commemorative banknote with a portrait of Hana Zagorová

We offer you a Commemorative banknote with a portrait of Hana Zagorová, issued on the occasion of commemorating the departure of this phenomenal Czech singer to artistic heaven on 26th August 2022.

Issue plan

Whatch our Emissions Plan, in which we inform you about upcoming products. You will be the first to know about them and you will never miss them. Here you have the option to order an information e-mail about the start of sales of the currently published product.

Articles concerning our products

STC launches a new e-shop

Welcome to the new company e-shop website. We hope that you will find all the necessary information and especially the products that will interest you here.


Unique collector's value

Our value prints are limited editions and can only be purchased in our e-Shop. You will only find originals here.

High artistic and aesthetic value

We use the motifs of important artists of today, but also of times long past. They include M. Švabinský, A. Mucha, O. Kulhánek, E. Hašková and others.

For your own pleasure or as an original gift

Are you a collector, numismatist or just looking for a unique gift for your loved ones or business partners? We will continue to expand our offer.

Keep your prints in the original plates

Wrap your valuable prints in original boards with the STC logo made of high-quality graphic paper and gravure printing.

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