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St. Wenceslas Commemorative Banknote

Commemorative banknote with the symbol of the Czech State, a portrait of St. Wenceslas, issued by České dukáty on the anniversary of the death of this Czech prince and saint. Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p. is now also offering the commemorative banknote via its e-shop.
Only 104 units are expected to go on sale via the STC e-shop.

The commemorative banknote is presented in a gift cover.

More about the project:

The commemorative banknote in the form of a banknote is also an expression of respect for and faith in a Saint with whom, as a nation, we associate our hopes for salvation in the worst of times. Its dominant pictorial element is the portrait of Saint Wenceslas. Above all, the commemorative banknote emphasises the hopeful moral strength St. Wenceslas gave to the nation for centuries, which is ‘contained’ in each of the St. Wenceslas ducats ever minted. The establishment of the České dukáty company in 2016 was prompted by the desire to continue a tradition interrupted by historical developments of Czechoslovak ducats, which had become known in the hearts and memories of Czechs as St. Wenceslas Ducats. It is therefore no wonder that on the 100th anniversary of the birth of this phenomenon, the company issued a commemorative banknote. And the banknote simply had to feature a portrait of St. Wenceslas. The commemorative banknote is being issued in five numbered series A-E of 1 000 units each.

The design author is Eva Hašková, an academic painter and leading Czech graphic artist and illustrator, whose commemorative banknotes are appreciated and admired by both experts and the public. This time, once again, she worked closely with experienced master engraver Martin Srb and graphic designer Michal Šindelář from the State Printing Works of Securities. These creators of the commemorative banknote have produced a work that rightly aspires to become the most beautiful commemorative banknote in modern history. Every motif, even the smallest detail of the commemorative banknote, is imbued with a variety of meanings and rich symbolism.

Technical specification of the commemorative banknote:

Dimensions: 194 x 84 mm
Paper: linden-leaf watermarked security paper with protective fibres
Obverse side protective elements: security underprint rasters, micro texts, iris gradients, planographic printing of the portrait of St. Wenceslas, hidden element showing the face value as part of a vine leaf motif printed by planographic printing, colour fluorescent under UV lamp
Reverse side protective elements: security underprint rasters, micro texts, iris gradients, colour fluorescent under UV lamp, pyramidal numbering, green-yellow fluorescent under UV lamp.
Author of art design: academic painter Eva Hašková
Author of the drawings and steel engraving of St. Wenceslas: Martin Srb
Security design: Michal Šindelář
Print: Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p. (State Printing Works of Securities)
Issued by: České dukáty, s. r. o.
Series: A, B, C, D, E
Quantity: 1 000 units per series

The following numbered series can be purchased via the STC e-shop:

A01 000480 – A01 000483, 000485 – A01 000500
B01 000480 – B01 000500
C01 000480 – C01 000500
D01 000480 – D01 000500
E01 000480 – E01 000500

Please note the České dukáty e-shop provides further numbers of all series of the commemorative banknote and an additional graphic sheet with a steel-printed portrait of St. Wenceslas, printed in a limited numbered edition of 200 units. The certificate is signed by both authors of the commemorative banknote and you can get it for CZK 990 including VAT here.

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