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M. R. Štefánik Commemorative Banknote

Commemorative banknote with a portrait of Milan Rastislav Štefánik, an important personage of Czechoslovak history, a politician, soldier, aviator, but also astronomer and meteorologist, is now on offer at the Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p. The commemorative banknote can be purchased on the website of Memoeuro, the issuer of this collectable here.

The price is indicative only. The current price is available on the official e-shop of MEMOEURO SK s. r. o.

Technical specifications:
Format:                         165 x 78 mm
Printing technique:  offset, letterpress printing, full printing
Material:                       paper 100 g/m2, 50% cotton, linden-leaf watermarked
Number of colours:  5/5 + Optically variable Ink (OVI) 1/0
Minting:                        banknote tape imitation, silver foil
Planographic printing: 2/0, black, engraving of a figure and etched form of text
Numbering:                  letterpress printing, UV ink, 6 characters
Protective elements: watermark and fluorescent fibres in paper, hot stamping of silver foil, microtexts, OVI ink, UV numbering

Author of art design: academic painter Rudolf Cigánik
Print:                                 Státní tiskárna cenin, s. p.
Issued by:                        Memoeuro SK, s. r. o.
Total run:                       3,000 units

The commemorative banknote can be purchased on the website of Memoeuro SK s. r. o., the issuer of the collectible. The commemorative banknote is adjusted in a gift cover.

The e-shop also offers a graphic certificate bearing a portrait of Milan Rastislav Štefánik.

About M. R. Štefánik:

Milan Rastislav Štefánik (21 July 1880 – 4 May. 1919) was a prominent Slovak politician, soldier, aviator, and general of the French army, an astronomer and meteorologist.

In 1914-1918, he organised  Czechoslovak Legions in Serbia, Romania, Russia and Italy. He was a member of the National Council in Paris and, between 1918 and 1919, Czechoslovak Minister of Military Affairs. Together with Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and Edvard Beneš, he is considered the founder of Czechoslovakia. He died in a plane crash while returning to his homeland. In 2019, he finished first in a poll The Biggest Slovak for the greatest personality of Slovak history. Source:

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