Commemorative banknote with a portrait of St. Norbert

The commemorative banknote of the Premonstratensian Order is issued on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the founding of the first Premonstratensian monastery in the Prémontré Valley in present-day France.

The AB series commemorative banknote is presented in a gift cover.

We offer you a part of the limited edition of only 50 pieces.

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More about the project:

More than a year ago, the Strahov Royal Canonry approached us with a proposal to make a commemorative banknote for the Premonstratensian Order. We were happy to accept this challenge because it is truly an extraordinary project. A commemorative card in the form of a banknote of the Premonstratensian Order is now available and it is issued on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the founding of the first Premonstratensian monastery in the Prémontré Valley in present-day France. From the artistic point of view, the work was undertaken by the artist Eva Hašková, the author of the first Czech commemorative banknote with a portrait of Alois Rašín. The line drawing and hand-made steel engraving were done by none other than our colleague, the engraver Martin Srb. Michal Šindelář took up the graphic design of the banknote. For the printing itself, we used banknote security printing paper with a portrait watermark and security threads and printing techniques of intaglio printing, offset printing, letterpress printing and hot stamping.

The commemorative card in the form of a banknote was issued by the Premonstratensian Order on 30  November 2020 with a print run of 50,000 prints. At the STC e-shop, we offer a part of the total load, another 50 pieces.
Series AB  002201- 002250

The gift box of the commemorative banknote is made of high-quality 240 g/m2 graphical paper.

For technical reasons, it will not be possible to pre-order notes, nor to order notes from a specific series with a specific serial number.

Author of the art design: artist Eva Hašková
Line drawings and hand steel engravings: Martin Srb
Technical work: František Dvořák
Graphic security design: Michal Šindelář

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Size of commemorative banknote
Cover size (final size)

210,50×150,60 mm

Cover size (unfinal size)

365×266 mm, vč. klopny 50 mm

Printing technology

Intaglio printing, Letterpress printing, Ofset, tisk UV barev

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