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The album (Collection) of commemorative UMPRUM banknotes – SOLD OUT

An album in the form of display plates with a flap, including all six commemorative pages, in the form of UMPRUM banknotes. Individual commemorative pages in the form of banknotes have the same unique numbering in the set! One album, one number on commemorative sheets. The estimated sale volume is only 50 pieces. By purchasing you will get a unique collector’s edition and a great gift for your loved ones.

You may also purchase your album separately, without commemorative pages.

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Do you still have a collection of commemorative banknotes that were created under close cooperation between STC and UMPRUM in Prague? If not, you have a unique opportunity to change that. We have prepared a unique offer presenting the entire collection of commemorative banknotes in a gift album just for you. Commemorative banknotes have the same unique numbering in each set. One album, the same number on all commemorative pages.

The album is made of high-quality graphic paper, weight 300 g/m2 in the dark green colour known as Keaykolour Original Holly. Under each transparent pocket there is a label with the name of the main motif  of the banknote, the period when the art was created and the name of the author.  The lapel of the album offers more information about the entire project focusing on cooperation between STC and UMPRUM. The logo and page text is created by offset printing. Offset and embossing printing techniques were used to create the commemorative banknotes.

If you have already purchased commemorative banknote do not despair. You can also separately purchase your album from our e-Shop in the Collector’s section.

The product you have purchased is an original and exceptional gift for your loved ones or business partners.

More information about the project:
The current Czech banknotes have been printed by the State Printing Works of Securities for more than a quarter of a century. What new banknotes might look like was also asked of the students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague who participated in the competition event as part of the “New Look of Banknotes” coursework with face values of 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 Czech crowns. It was one of the ways to recall the regularity of the security and banknote design that has been deepened for years. At the end of the winter semester of the 2018-2019 academic year we saw 10 interesting designs of banknote issues. The students were inspired by history, traditional Czech industry and design, visual art, significant Czech figures, nature, architecture and music. STC decided to produce a successful issue designed by student Tuan Vuong and prepare an interesting collection for enthusiasts. The starting point in his series were motifs representing Czech design and famous moments in its century-old history. In particular these included the period of early modernism, cubism, the 30s-40s, Brussels style, the 70s and the present day. The obverse banknote side always bears one representative object or product of a given artistic direction or historical period. The reverse depicts in a rather abstract form the artistic language of contemporary tendencies. In addition to the central motifs, each protective banknote layer design includes: guilloche pattern, colour gradient, microtext bar, basic information text, face value or change in colour. The default font is Topol by Jan Horčík and Filip Matějíček.

Each year the State Printing Works of Securities (STC) prints more than 100 million banknotes in three to four nominal values. Banknotes account for 13 % of STC’s production, which is primarily a matter of prestige and national pride.

We thank all those who participated in the project and provided the copyright for the main motifs used on the commemorative banknotes.

Album with commemorative banknotes with uniform numbering. One album, one number on all commemorative pages.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Cover size (final size)

370×260 mm

Cover size (unfinal size)

370×650 mm

Printing technology

Hot stamping, Ofset

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