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STC launches a new e-shop

Dear website visitors,

Welcome to our new company website. We hope that you will easily find all necessary information here. The new visual style of the website is based on a change in the company’s overall visual style, including a change in the STC logo that honours tradition while relaying a contemporary visual language appropriate for the digital environment.

“We were aware that our presentation did not correspond to a modern enterprise and gave the feeling that the institution was lacking comprehension and was outdated. Our conviction to change the corporate identity stemmed from the newly set corporate strategy, in which we focus on precisely defined goals in several areas, a strategy we wanted to reflect in a new visual style. One of the goals of our strategy is that we want to be perceived as a modern company that provides and further develops digital services in addition to traditional printing, which is something that few people realise when they hear the name State Printing Works of Securities. We want to present ourselves as a modern company, a reliable business partner and, last but not least, as an attractive employer. We hope that we will succeed,” explains Tomáš Hebelka, CEO of STC.

The logo and visual style have never previously undertaken such significant and complex changes throughout the entire existence of STC. The wish was to create a timeless logo that would reflect all the activities of the State Printing Works of Securities with respect to the tradition and long history of the company and, at the same time, be positively perceived by both current and future generations.

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