The second commemorative sheet from the Funny Money series is ready for you!

Dear customers, the second commemorative certificate in the form of a banknote from the Funny Money series is ready for you!

The collection of banknote designs, collectively called “Funny Money”, was created by Oldřich Kulhánek with his distinctive humour in 1993. It is a total of seven designs of parody banknotes: 500,000 Franks, 1,000 Pounds, 100,000 Dollars, 10 Schilling, 100 Mark, 1,000,000 Crowns and 1 Ruble.

The commemorative 1,000 Pounds note will be issued in limited quantities of four numbered series A, B, C, D of 500 each.

We will be offering a total of 2,000 pieces in these series on the STC e-shop:

A01 000001 – A01 000500
B01 000001 – B01 000500
C01 000001 – C01 000500
D01 000001 – D01 000500

Author of the artwork: Oldřich Kulhánek (front side)
Line drawings and hand steel engraving: Martin Srb
Graphic design: Martin Srb, Michal Šindelář, Jana Skořepová, Lukáš Bárta

Technical work: František Dvořák
Printing: STÁTNÍ TISKÁRNA CENIN, státní podnik
Published by: STátníNÍ TISKÁRNA CENIN, státní podnik

The sales price is CZK 2 390,- incl. VAT. For technical reasons it is not possible to reserve a commemorative sheet in advance or to order a specific series with a specific number.

During 2023 – 2024 we plan to issue the remaining designs in the following order:

100 000 Dollars
10 Schilling
100 Mark
1,000,000 Crowns
1 Ruble

Continue to watch our Issuance Plan where we will keep you updated on additional STC product offerings.

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